Telling Room org video Freesound attributions

Many sound effects used in “The Telling Room Movie” come courtesy of While some are available under the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication, the following works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License:

— “LazerZips.aif” and “8BitSFX.aif” by bennychico11
— “cheering-16.flac” by Halleck
— “swoosh44.wav” by kwahmah_02
— “crackle.aif” by MaxWiley
— “8bithovering.wav” by n_audioman
— “8-Bit Sound Effects -Lo-Fi Bleeps, Bloops, Zings, Zaps and more” by nebulousflynn
— “arpege haut.wav” by nicolasdrweski
— “Lazer.wav” by tmokonen
— “small crowd laughing and clapping.wav” by Tomlija
— “Käsijarru, pakettiauto / Handbrake, van, car, clicks, crackles and creaks, interior, close sound, Toyota Hiace, a 1990 model” by YleArkisto

The following work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial 3.0 License:

— “thump2” by theshaggyfreak