The Telling Room Movie

What starts out as an informational video for storytelling non-profit The Telling Room quickly changes into a magical adventure about three students who suddenly develop super powers, and the mastermind who caused it all to happen.

Written, directed, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Produced by Molly Haley
Shot by Alex Coppola and Jeffrey Griecci
Visual effects by Paul Mihailoff
Starring Telling Room students Ella, Hanen, Luca, and Yann
2015, 5.5m, HD


A series of three doc-style commercial spots for Maine-based Oakhurst Dairy, each one focusing on the joyful and sometimes exhausting labors of love, family, and work. In addition to the three short spots, Oakhurst commissioned two longer web-exclusive edits, all of which available to watch down below. Made in collaboration with Ethos Marketing.

Edited by David Meiklejohn
Directed by Ben Kahn
Shot by Jayson Lobozzo

2015, 30s +



Greta Bank — NSFW

“Imagine if Auguste Renoir and Valerie Solanas had a baby. Greta Bank’s new project NSFW allows one to pursue this fantasy, while weaving an epic narrative about the confused agency of women…. Transforming the annex gallery into an Impressionist garden by combining large oil painted figures with an odd assortment of raw building materials and a giant wall of diffused light, NSFW questions the authorship of female nature. NSFW also asks the question: how does one portray the true female experience within a patriarchal system when the pursuit of authenticity is wrought with corruption.

“For six weeks the audience was invited to wander through the room-sized diorama witnessing the continual development of the painted forms, while sometimes being visited by Gustave Menet, a genderfucked French Impressionist who walks on stilts and wields handmade brushes. Greta Bank’s inquiry into the binary constructs of gender, taboos of female biology, male discourse in traditional painting, the absence of legend in contemporary society, bowerbirds, and human design as an imposed environment for natural order were explored through this ambitious installation and performance.”  — SPACE Gallery write-up

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
2013 • 12m • HD
Winner of the Waters Award for Best Film Challenging Social Norms (named after transgressive filmmaker John Waters) at the 2014 International Moustache Film Festival

BONUS: a three-minute promotional video showing Bank’s setup process:

The Story I Want To Tell

A book trailer for the tenth anniversary anthology from The Telling Room, a writing-focused non-profit in Portland, Maine. More information about the book is available here.

Directed and edited by David Meiklejohn
Cinematography by Molly Haley
Produced by Molly McGrath

2014, 2m, HD

The Whole World Waiting

In early 2012, with support from teaching artist Sonya Tomlinson, fifteen immigrant and refugee students created short performance pieces about specific aspects of their assimilation experience before, during, and after arrival in the United States. This suite of personal mythologies spins the American Dream on its axis, offering diverse perspectives on the ways we all participate in maintaining—or destroying—our own preconceptions of place.

Funded in part by a grant from the Maine Arts Commission, an independent state agency supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Organized by Sonya Tomlinson
Starring the Young Writers & Leaders from The Telling Room
2012, 45m, HD

Broadsheet — Paper Clip

This immersive mini-doc explores the printing workshop where an unidentified pair of workers print the underground design history magazine Broadsheet. Focusing on two legendary printing machines — the Intertype typecasting machine and the Original Heidelberg platen press — machine porn never felt more brutal, thanks to intimate close-ups and a punishing soundtrack from Providence doom band Groke.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn

2012, 4.5m, HD

Coaching Boys Into Men

The Coaching Boys Into Men program raises awareness in male athletes and offers them prevention strategies around the issues of domestic, dating, and sexual violence, as well as deepening athletes’ understanding of teamwork, personal accountability and sportsmanship, while magnifying the virtues of respect, integrity and non-violence — especially as they apply to interpersonal relationships. Made in cooperation with Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program and Futures Without Violence.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Written and produced by Carlin Whitehouse
Lighting by Andrea Nilosek
Sound by Matthew Fletcher
Starring the South Portland Red Riots basketball team

2014, 1m, HD

Featured on Upworthy: “What Exactly Is This Coach Trying To Turn These Boys Into? Men.

Anne Taintor

The Maine Women’s Fund commissioned this video to honor Maine artist and entrepreneur Anne Taintor. This video originally screened during the MWF’s 2013 Leadership Luncheon, where Taintor received a Tribute to Women in Industry Award.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Interview by Susan Kimball
Produced by Sonya Tomlinson

2013, 4m, HD

My Heart Is An Idiot

My Heart Is An Idiot is a documentary about love that spans two years and over a hundred cities, capturing the road-tripping lifestyle of Davy Rothbart (This American Life) who looks for love in all the right places, but in all the wrong ways. Traveling throughout North America promoting his magazine FOUND, a virally popular and iconic printed collection of discarded notes and photographs, Davy seeks advice on his tortured love life from people he meets (Zooey Deschanel, Ira Glass, Newt Gingrich, Davy’s mom, and others), and attempts to follow that advice, with comic and surprising results.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Starring Davy Rothbart, Alexandra Gross, Sarah Locke, and Brande Wix
2011, 93m, SD

25 Cheers to 25 Years

Maine-based advertising agency Garrand sent this holiday video card to their clients, associates, and friends, sharing a favorite drink from each of their 25 employees as a celebration of their twenty-fifth year in business.

Directed, shot, and edited by David Meiklejohn
Sound by Matthew Fletcher
Lighting by Andrea Nilosek
Bartending by Nathaniel Meiklejohn

2013, 1m, HD