I wrote a Legend of Zelda screenplay

triforceWhen I read that Netflix is rumored to have a Legend of Zelda series in development, I decided to write a screenplay for a pilot episode that I would want to watch, should the series become a reality. I wrote this for two reasons: one, I knew I would have a lot of fun revisiting the Zelda lore and fleshing out my favorite scenes from the franchise; and two, I want Netflix and Nintendo to hire me to write the actual show.

— Those who know the Zelda games will either love or hate that I’ve taken bits and pieces from multiple timelines and combined them into one world. I pulled largely from the games I’ve played the most—Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask—and I also integrated material I found using the Zeldapedia.
— At 38 pages, my screenplay is admittedly either too long or too short for traditional serial formats. I think it would work better as an hour-long show, although a weird 40-minute format might be pretty rad too.
— I listened to the soundtrack for Tarkovsky’s Solaris on repeat the entire time I wrote this.
— This screenplay is very, very, very unofficial.
— I owe thanks to my friends Jeff and Ben, who gave me good feedback and didn’t tease me for wanting to do this.

All that said, if you’d still like to read (or hate-read) my pretend pilot episode, feel free to download the .pdf file here. And if you work at Netflix or Nintendo and have read this screenplay and like it, please say hello.

David Meiklejohn.
a writer of Zelda fanfic, apparently